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Japanese Table Decorations

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Japanese Table Decorations: 1 - 3 of 3
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Bride & Groom Stir Sticks / Picks 
$1.98 at
Bride & Groom Stir Sticks / PicksThese novel heart shaped stir sticks or food picks in clear and black plastic are the perfect embellishment for special occasion cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.
$1.98 at
Japanese Chopstick Favors 
$2.85 at
Japanese Chopstick FavorsJapanese Chopstick Favors Asian Theme Shower Favors Simple and elegant, our Japanese Chopstick Favors are crafted of polished ebony black wood and covered with an intricate paper painting of a Japanese scene. The paper is a silvery grey and two white paper tabs keep the tapered chopsticks attached u
$2.85 at
Unique Bamboo Sake Favors - Set of 12 
$27.95 at
Unique Bamboo Sake Favors - Set of 12Unique Bamboo Sake Favors - Set of 12 Asian Theme Shower Favors With a handmade look, our Blue Bamboo Sake Favors are glazed with a grey spotted texture and hand painted deep blue bamboo designs. The set of 12 sake cups offer the option of participating in the traditional sake toast, honoring your n
$27.95 at
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